Ready for the Shooting Day

Conveniently located in Vilnius Old Town, our studio has fast access to most Vilnius hotels and destinations. Equipped with 5.5×5.5×4.6 meter cyclorama, 63 Amp power socket, roof track, Profoto power packs, Profoto heads and wide array of light shaping tools. We have on-site B&W processing and a printing lab, male & female mannequins, product shooting tables and rotation equipment for object VR. Studio is located on the ground floor.

Studio facilities include shower, kitchen with fresh roast espresso bar, lounge area, storage, Wi-Fi and AirPlay, free client parking for cars and delivery trucks. Our workflow runs on colour managed and calibrated workstations.

Our Rental Gear list. Please contact for further information.

Trouble finding our studio? Please use this Printable Map Map-Icon-3D-25px