The Privileged

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  • Date: 2007
  • Client: Omnitel
  • Filed under: Art Direction, Best, Commercials
  • Photographer: Tomas Vyšniauskas
  • Agency: Not Perfect
About the Project

Can you shoot a guy, pulling out a dragon from the lake? A meditation that makes spoons flying across the room? A girl that could lift herself by her hair?

“Yes we can” took us to the lake in Trakai nature reserve where the dragon, imagined by illustrator Dima Derzhavin rose from the waters screaming. The other two were shot on location in the park and suite Vilnius downtown. No dragons, spoons or hair were harmed during the shoot.

Privileged for Omnitel. Photographer Tomas Vyšniauskas, producer Vytautas Razma, agency Not Perfect | Y&R, postproduction by Dima Deržavin, Irmantas Savulionis.